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Disease and symptoms

Risk factors

About the vaccine

Our Brisbane-based clinic specialises in Q fever vaccinations, which are important for anyone who may participate in risk activities with animals.

On this site you’ll find some basic information about the vaccine and who needs to be vaccinated, as well as some links to more detailed information.

If you think you are at risk of Q fever, call us on 07 3221 9066 and speak to our friendly team.

Founded in 1988, ours was the very first clinic in Queensland (and the second in Australia) to specialise in travel vaccinations and vaccines in general.

We are a family business, with no big corporate hierarchy to contend with. My kids now work with me as well as a really great team – many of them of very long standing.

Our business name includes “The Travel Doctor” because many of our patients are travelling. Yet we are also trusted by many non-travellers when they need those more complicated vaccines for diseases that occur in Australia – like Q fever vaccine.

Q fever is a bit like COVID-19: some people catch it and don’t get sick, while some get really sick for a very long time or are never the same again. You don’t want that in your busy life. If you are at risk of Q fever, give us a call on 07 3221 9066 and we will get the vaccine sorted for you.

Where to get the Q fever vaccine

Not all doctors can give Q fever vaccination as it requires specialised expertise and complicated pre-vaccination screening. Group vaccination is advisable to keep costs down.

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